Case Study #3

Business owners retiring soon


Dan and Lola


56 and 59

Primary Goal

Lower taxes while in peak earning years

Dan & Lola

*Real names and photos have been altered to protect the privacy of our clients.


Dan and Lola are making more money at their small businesses than they ever have, so they’re paying more in taxes. However, they’re paying much more in taxes than they need to pay.

Their challenges:

  • How to transition their scattered portfolio with a previous advisor to one that satisfies their family’s priorities
  • Is there an opportunity to lower their tax bill now that it’s higher than its ever been?
  • No revocable trust or estate plan (with a net worth of over $10,000,000)


After onboarding them to MWA and just before year-end, we quickly sourced plan administrators and set up business retirement plans, while simultaneously coordinating employee retirement contributions with their payroll provider and tax preparer. Once we completed setting up and contributing to the time-sensitive retirement plans, we transitioned their portfolio to one that meets their short- and long-term priorities for tax-efficient growth and leaving a legacy to their two children.


After following the MWA Roadmap, we were able to:

  • Lower their tax bill by over $325,000 per year by setting up the most advantageous retirement plans for each of Dan and Lola’s businesses
  • Restructure their investment portfolios to align with the family’s priorities. Added long-term, growth-oriented private equity
  • Recommend and execute changes to existing homeowner’s insurance to include water overflow protection
  • Avoid locking up their $10,000,000 estate upon death in lengthy California probate and over $100,000 in probate fees; introduced Dan and Lola to, and facilitated conversations with, trust and estate attorneys. They selected one to create their recovable trust

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